G-Resto Portable Massage Cushion

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Portable Massager
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G-Resto Portable Massage Cushion

A portable massage cushion for easy access anytime, anywhere. It only takes 15 minutes to enjoy a therapeutic and soothing synchronized massage. Since it is portable, and designed like a pillow-shaped cushion, it can be placed and used on areas such as :-

  • shoulder, back & lumbar – relieves muscle tension
  • arms – relieves stiffness
  • tummy – improves digestive system
  • legs – calf kneading massage

Design & Features:

  • 20cm extra coverage
  • 14pcs 3D shiatsu roller balls
  • 3 button controller – on/off button, mode setting button & heat therapy button
  • Dual massage – synchronized and unsynchronized massage
  • Honeycomb fabric
  • Small & portable

2 modes to choose from to relief muscles tension and stiffness throughout your body as it has 14 pcs of 3D Massage roller balls.  Each modes are with activation of heat therapy. The 2 modes are

  • Morning Mode (30° -35°) Warm – kneading from inside out
  • Night Mode (35° - 40°) Hot – kneading from outside to inside

The Benefits Of This Massager Are :-

  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Relief stiff shoulder muscle
  • Promotes body detoxification
  • Relieves lumbar aches and abdominal muscle

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