1 Home, 1 GINTELL

Established since 1996, GINTELLhas steadily expanded with over 130 retail outlets across Southeast Asia. We havewon numerous awards throughout the years including certification by the Malaysia Book of Records.As we reflect on our long journey with our brand’s core value, ‘Health, Love, and Life’,we aim to promote a healthier lifestyle towards ourconsumers through our healthcare products and we remain dedicated to shaping the future ofhealthcare, achieving our motto of "1 HOME, 1GINTELL".


To empower consumers globally with knowledge that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


To be the leading healthcare brand globallythrough our innovative products and services that enhance the well-being of ourconsumers.

Why Choose Us

Health Love Life


Experience the future of healthcare products with advanced AI technologies

Customer Focus

We are constantly thriving to enhance our products to provide you with a personalized experience through our products.

Value for Money

We believe that healthcare products should be top value and affordable for our customers’ well-being

Social Responsibility

We actively contribute to welfare and so with every purchase, you can support our mission to create a positive impact among the society

Global Reach

We have over 130 retail outlets across Southeast Asia and will be expanding more globally

Partnership & Collaboration

We partner with leading experts and renowned organizations to bring you the latest advances in healthcare technology

Core Values


(I)ntegrity & (Innovation)



(E)xcellent Service



Who we are?

We are a healthcare retail brand with a dynamic team of dedicated experts who also have a caring personality that forms the foundation of our customer interactions. At GINTELL, we ensure accessibility for all so that our consumers feel valued and heard.

We provide more than just products and services; we educate consumers with knowledge that empowers them to make the right decisions about their health and well-being. Our adaptability allows us to constantly be aware of the demanding needs of our consumers and the healthcare industry. It enables us to continuously improve our services in response to the demand.

Our dedication to personalization and innovation truly sets us apart. We believed in finding solutions to cater to individual needs. With a holistic approach to wellness, we consider not just physical aspects, but also emotional and mental well-being. By embracing innovation, we aim to enhance and improve the lives of our consumers for the long run.

Corporate Philosophy


We value collaborations and are open to marketing and business opportunities.

Consumer-Centric Approach

We care about our consumers and are always ready to deliver products, services, and experiences to create customer satisfaction and loyalty.


We are dedicated to practising sustainable business operations that minimise our environmental impact.


We ensure to deliver products and services of the highest quality that are supported by thorough research, development, and testing.


To recognise the diversities and expanding needs of consumers, proactively address these changes and seize new possibilities to create innovative solutions.