G-Feetie Plus Foot Massager

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GINTELL – G Feetie Plus Foot Massager is equipped with the latest technology and it is a one of its kind foot massager that pushes your foot in dual direction, providing you a comfortable full coverage massage for your foot. 


Deep kneading massage

  • Equipped with rotational ball, rolling stick, heating for instep and bottom, and squeeze functions offer a deep kneading Shiatsu foot massage.
  • 3 kneading intensities and 3 squeezes levels of can be adjusted to personal preference


Heat Therapy

  • The advanced heating function that helps you relax your feet and muscles,
  • suitable for people who desires relaxation after a long period of sitting and standing
  • manual heat function feature with on/off button
  • Temperature up to 45 degree celsius

4 Auto massage mode

  1. Refresh mode
  • Foot rotation + airbag massage
  • Promote blood circulation around your toes, feet and legs
  • Helps relieve tiredness & swelling on the legs
  1. Healthcare mode
  • Foot rotation + Airbag massage
  • Strengthen foot muscles and strengthen ankle mobility
  1. Shiatsu mode
  • Foot rotation
  • Helps relax tensed muscles / reduce muscle stiffness
  1. Squeeze mode
  • Airbag massage
  • To improve blood circulation to the feet and lymph flow
  • enhance recovery from sports injury


Health benefits

  • stimulates nerve activity
  • improve blood circulation
  • ease sored, tired and achy feet after a long day standing/sitting
  • soothes joint pain/ cold legs
  • improves sleep quality

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