DéVano SL ROSEmantic Massage Sofa

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DéVano SL ROSEmantic Massage Sofa

GINTELL DéVano​​​ SL ROSEmantic Massage Sofa is equipped with the latest technology, providing you leisure through its relaxing massage that comes together with a wide array of health benefits beyond its luxurious appearance.


Quad Rolling Grasp

  • Provides you a combination rolling and grasping massage actions that reliefs any stiffness on your neck and shoulder area.
  • Incorporated with hot stone massage therapy that heats up over time, providing you a comfortable and relaxing massage experience


6D Titan Massage

  • Consist of dual set of massage panel that extends up to 30cm in length, providing you the most comfortable massage angle
  • Performs 3 extra types of massages including tapping & knocking, as well as simultaneous tapping & kneading


Additional Unique Features

  • Butt shaping & Pelvic Correction
  • Extended V track
  • Heating & Massage Synchronization
  • Music Therapy
  • Power Bank Charger 1.8A (USB)
  • Drink holder
  • Easily moveable


Auto Programmes

  1. Healthcare
  2. Upper back
  3. Lower back
  4. Fusion Mode Quick 5 minutes integrated massage


Health Benefits

  • Promotion of blood circulation and improve metabolism
  • Provides relief to tensed muscles
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Enhance joint flexibility
  • Relief backache & tension arising from poor posture
  • Improve sleep quality