DéVano SB Massage Sofa

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Devano SB (GT9901)

Devano SB (GT9901) provides you an overall great coverage of virtual humanized massage that sure to give you the utmost comfortable massage experience you could ever get.

6 Devano SB Roller Balls

Provides great virtual humanized massage coverage through its 10cm protrusion which helps improve your overall massage experience

5 Major Massage techniques

  • Kneading – for relaxation, effectively soothe your muscles, relief of mental tension
  • Tapping – intense yet effective massage that promotes blood circulation
  • Knead & Tap – suitable for people who wants a both a relaxing yet effective massage after a long hectic days work
  • Rolling – provides a different massage sensation yet is equally effective to promote blood circulation
  • Knocking – helps loosen up stiff muscles

130CM SV-Track

Inspired by the latest premium massage chairs, 130 CM SV-track effortlessly maximizes your massage coverage area from your neck area to your thigh area

Auto Programmes

Consists of three main programmes include Upper Body Massage, Full Body Massage, Lower Body Massage

  • Upper Body Massage – relief mental stress & improve sleep your sleep quality using all 5 major massage techniques in a rotational sequence
  • Full Body Massage – improve metabolism, restoration of body preventing fatigue using all 5 major massage techniques in a rotational sequence
  • Lower Body Massage – Firming & Shaping lower parts of our body & reduce cellulites build-up, using all 5 major massage techniques in a rotational sequence

Devano Spot Massage

Devano SB provides flexibility through its adjustable massage, set at a particular massage spot to cater for your individual preferences and needs.

Compact and Space saving

Devano SB is also specially designed to give you a space saving environment where you can massage anywhere you want at the comfort of your own homes