SporTrek Plus Treadmill

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SmartRunz Treadmill (APP)

SmartRunz Treadmill (APP)

SmarTrek Treadmill

SmarTrek Treadmill

GINTELL SporTREK Plus Treadmill

GINTELL SporTREK plus is incorporated with various unique Fitness programmes, safety features, as well as easy-to-use operational buttons that overall provides a holistic treadmill work-out experience that helps enhance your comfort throughout your workout sessions.

3 Fitness Programmes

SporTREK plus is built-in with 3 different programmes that caters for people of different fitness goals & capacities where each programmes are further divided into 2 different difficulty levels, namely:-

  • P1, P2 (for Beginner) – especially designed for people who prefers light duty treadmill workout / who doesn’t have prior workout experiences
  • P3, P4 (for Weight loss) – our “Weight Loss” pre-set fitness programme coupled with a well-balanced weight-loss diet plan can tremendously help one in losing weight more effectively
  • P5, P6 (for Professional) – especially for people who already knows the ins-and-outs of treadmill workout with the right fitness attribute to go for a heavy-duty treadmill workout

Anti-Slip Pad & ICS Cushioning System (6pcs)

SporTREK Plus also has a special anti-slip pad feature for emergency purpose to prevent potentially unwanted sports incident from happening

The 6 pieces ICS cushioning System is one of the special design safety features that provides joint Protection specifically body parts particularly for your: - 

  • hips
  • knees
  • ankle

Overall, it provides a safer and more comfortable treadmill workout experience to users.

Easy-to- Operate Settings

  • LCD Screen – Consists of complete set of user-friendly Smart navigation buttons
  1. Speed
  2. Start/Stop
  3. Pulse detection

These buttons help you choose the right programmes/settings prior to your treadmill workout sessions. 

  • Pre-set programmes – Consists of programmes that helps monitor your fitness goals which include speed, time, distance, & pulse rate etc.
  • Speed Control – allowing you to adjust your treadmill workout speed according to your individual preference and fitness capacity

Dual Bottle holder

Consists of 2 bottle holders that gives you an extra convenience to leave your drinks safely during your workout session.

Hydraulic Holding System

SporTREK Plus is incorporated with manual 1 push button hydraulic holding system that overall designed to be conveniently foldable and space saving

Spacious Running Surface

Measuring 126 cm in length & 41cm in width, SporTREK Plus provides a spacious and safe treadmill running experience for its users.