AeroBike EZ

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AeroBike 2.0 FT205

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AeroBike FT204

GINTELL Aerobike EZ (FT202)

GINTELL Aerobike EZ (FT202) is a cycling equipment that provides you the flexibility to personalize your own fitness settings so that you can achieve your desired fitness goals.

8 Levels of Tension Control

  • Consists of 8 levels of tension control (1 = Least level of Tension, 8 = Highest level of Tension)
  • It’s adjustable according to your personal fitness preference

Magnetic System

  • The magnetic system produces adjustable friction to control the chosen resistance level

Flywheel system

  • Weighs 4 kg

Adjustable Seat height

  • Located just below the seat area

Heart Rate touch Sensor

It is incorporated with a 3 levelled auto-detectable heart rate touch sensor that help finds your targeted heart rate that suits your level of fitness/health status.

  1. Hard (anaerobic)

Provides 80%-90% intensity level that helps improve high speed endurance

  1. Moderate (aerobic)

Provides 70% - 80% intensity level that helps improve one’s resilience & fitness level

  1. Light (fat burning)

Provides 60% - 70% intensity level that increases metabolism and aerobic endurance


Console display

Scan – to determine, measure, and monitor the time, speed, distance, calories burnt, pulse rate throughout your workout session