G-Beetle EZ Foot Massager

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G-Feetie Foot Massager

G-Feetie Foot Massager

Gintell G-Beetle EZ  Foot Massager

Small, portable & space saving foot massager.

Design & Features:

  • Weighs 5.8kg
  • Foot coverage up to 28cm
  • Small & portable
  • 3D rotational foot Gua Sha
  • 3 levels adjustable air-pressure
  • Washable cloth
  • Non-slip mat

5 Buttons Settings Which Are :

  • On/off button
  • Heating function on foot pad (The foot massage cloth can be removed and washed from time to time.)
  • 3 levels of air-pressure intensity
  • 3 auto programs
  • Time settings

3 Auto-Programs :

  • Refresh : blue light, gasbag massage that relieves tiredness and swelling of the legs
  • Healthcare : red light, gasbag massage with higher intensity to strengthen foot muscles and promotes mobility of the ankles
  • Squeeze : alternating red and blue light flashing, airbag massage that helps improve blood circulation and helps muscles to recover from injury

The Massage Techniques That Focuses on Reflexology Are :

  • Heel top scraping
  • Yong Quan point press
  • Foot end scraping
  • Toe scraping
  • Foot press
  • Foot capsule press


The Benefits Of This Massager Are :-

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Promotes detoxification through acupressure
  • Relieves muscle pains
  • Relax & rejuvenate tension muscles